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Coaching & Training Plans


3 Month Plan Made 100% for You CAD$99 • Unlimited visits for 3 months •

Weekly Coaching CAD$149 every month • Unlimited visits •

Weekly Coaching is for athletes with predictable schedules and goals

This level is perfect for long time athletes, those whose goals are single sport oriented and not as urgent. It is for those who are generally healthy with minimal feedback required to maintain health and ideal body composition.

Daily Coaching CAD$400 every month • Unlimited visits •

Daily Coaching is for anyone with bold goals and a busy life that changes frequently.

This level is perfect for busy parents, executives, small business owners, and elite athletes. Anyone looking to really push their limits and achieve something well beyond their past experience. Those with ambitious timelines are also best working frequently with a coach.


  • UNLIMITED Phone Calls/Text Message for any questions (9-5pm)
  • UNLIMITED EMAILS (Responses under 24 hours)
  • ADVANCED Data Analysis and file review
  • Unlimited phone/text time (Athlete or coach Initiated)
  • CUSTOM Strength Plan + Custom Nutrition Guidance
  • Coach initiated calls, emails keep you honest and accountable.
  • DAILY inspection of training files/comments
  • Training prescribed weekly, adjusted daily via training peaks
  • Preferred Rate on Consults, Skills, and Testing

$400 + HST/Month, 2 Month Notice to Cancel


Class - Bike Skills - 3 Pack CAD$120 • 3 visits • This gets you 4 passes to Bike skills classes .

Sessions are typically 90min and focus on developing a certain skill and then applying it in different situations.

Pass to cover attendance at 4 of 8 Spring Bike Skills Sessions

sessions are at Dufferin Forest Tuesday Nights 5:30 - 7:30

May 10 - June 28 2016

Each week will focus on developing a skill, whether you are a beginner or expert in the given skill you will learn a new way to apply the skill or further develop your competency .

Private Sessions - Bike Skills, Strength, Consult - 4 Pack CAD$300 • 4 visits • Purchase a 4 pack of Private sessions and save over 25% !

This can cover bike skills sessions, guided intervals, consultation, strength training.

Sessions are 60min and can be undertaken at a gym, your home, local park , local trail system or Joyride 150 Bike Park .

Common Locations are Don Valley (Toronto), Dufferin Forest (Mansfield) , Durham Forest (Uxbridge) and Hardwood Hills (Barrie)

***NOTE*** May require a travel/facility fee on top of the session fee depending on location/timing . All attempts to reduce/divide/avoid travel fee are made

Cycling Club - 50% pass CAD$20 • 1 visit • This Pass gives members of the lap dogs a 50% discount on group skill sessions. This discount is made possible because of support from the LapDogs.

4 Pack - Sessions for Current Coaching Clients CAD$240 • 4 visits • For Current Coaching Clients to Add Private Sessions to their Weekly Training Prescription.

Can be used for supervised intervals, testing, Technical sessions, Cross-Training instruction, Strength Training.

***NOTE*** May require a travel/facility fee on top of the session fee depending on location/timing . All attempts to reduce/divide/avoid travel fee are made